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Continually Improving My Web Development Skills


After thinking about learning a programming language as a hobby in my spare time, I did a little research and decided to give it a try. I knew absolutley nothing about code and initially followed a few basic tutorials online.

It didn't tale long until I had grasped the basics and felt enthusiastic to keep it going and to learn more. I began to do more research and found freeCodeCamp, a website dedicated to teaching self learners the basics of web development, from front end to back end.

I am currently progressing through the freeCodeCamp challenges developing my HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript skills. I also continue to learn more about general programming concepts which I often apply to my VBA driven Excel documents.

I also have some knowledge of C#, PHP and SQL. As a way to gain experience and practice my skills, I took on the challenge to create a website for a friend, Savantium, which has provided me with real life experince. My long term plan is to continue to develop my skill set and become a competent full stack developer in order to create innovative web apps.


Here is a selection of some of the projects I have recently been working on:


Screen shot of

Savantium are IP and patent specialists who provide low-cost advice to help protect and commercialise your valuable products and innovations.

Tribute Page

Screen shot of David Berman tribute page

Responsive tribute page to David Berman an author and musician known for his work with his band the band Silver Jews.

David Berman Tribute

Online Survey Form

Screen shot of online survey page

An online survey created using an HTML forms. The purpose of this survey is to demonstrate my front end skills, therefore clicking submit does not actually process anything!

Online Music Survey

Product Landing Page

Screen shot of product landing page

The homepage of a pretend company who produce guitar picks. Using HTML and CSS Flexbox to ensure the page is responsive.

Perrin's Picks

Technical Document

Screen shot of c# classes tech doc

A responsive page which can be used as a reference for the C# class construct used as part of the C# programming language.

C# Classes Tech Doc

Coming Soon!

Screen shot of coming soon pic

Coming soon.

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